Booth in riding rooms with fizz and flutes

Soak up the Cabaret atmosphere and book you and your friends a booth, where you don’t have to worry about safeguarding your seat or drinks.

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Join our resident Showboy Tom Harlow every Sun & Thu evening as he serves up his unique vocal blend of showtunes & filth! Expect musical madness, cabaret capers, showstopping songs, Disney favourites and popular songs from yesteryear. So, join the cabaret old chum and get ready to sing along with our resident Showboy Tom Harlow all night long.


"An absolute legend of Scottish burlesque..." Glasgow Burlesque Festival 2022 A driving, innovative force within the Scottish cabaret scene for over a decade and a half, Daiquiri Dusk has performed at events and shows across the UK, Europe and USA. Her eclectic repertoire mixes burlesque and hula hooping, to create dazzling stage shows, that see her regularly performing at shows and festivals across Scotland, as well as private and corporate events.


A cheeky, colourful and camp cabaret artist, singer, and theatre maker who brings sparkle to stages around Scotland and beyond. Their crowd-pleasing and often risqué blend of musical numbers, comedy, pop, jazz and rock hits from through the decades will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Always fresh, always colourful, and always a great night out.


Breezy Lee is a singer, songwriter and performer who has worked professionally for over 15 years. She led eight-piece, South London-based Funk & Soul band Size Nine, releasing several EPs and an album. They performed at many of the UK’s top venues and festivals, such as Glastonbury and the Jazz Cafe as well as touring Europe. Breezy Lee has worked extensively as a solo artist, collaborating with many musicians including founding The Lost Leaders in Scotland and touring with Scottish Dub band Samson Sound. She has collaborated extensively with Scottish outdoor-theatre company Oceanallover and has been writing and performing with them for the past six years, including features with them on many albums.


The Great Magician Professor Cogsworth is a real crowd pleaser with his dark and daring tricks! With a Steampunk aesthetic and a repertoire that takes its cues from sideshow as well as traditional magic...those at the front beware, there may be some PARTICIPATION required! An award winning magician with an element of danger, not for the faint-hearted!


He is master of ceremonies, the man with panache...and a twirly moustache. As well as hosting the show, Paul can be found doing vintage DJ sets at the joint on the corner too. Paul has been curating and hosting cabaret nights all over Scotland, and beyond for over a decade now. His own monthly show, Spangled Cabaret, is the longest running monthly cabaret in Scotland. Paul is also a singer, Radio DJ, actor, and puppeteer. He is the lead singer of the band, Scunner, electric music hall rapscallions who have been peddling their sinister fairground wares since 2004. Purveyors of 'Vaudeville Pop' or 'Cabarock', the band like to keep things theatrical and colourful, with a nod to glam rock and silent movies.


Specialising in the art of contortion, Minnie Knot is Scotland's very own pliable Pin Up and is a self-taught anatomical wonder! With a calling for the circus life, Minnie's back bends and limb-twists are as puzzling as the Schrödinger's cat paradox. They said that curiosity killed the cat, but master of enterology, Minnie will leave you perplexed, wondering how does she fit in that?!


Ziggi Battles. He is the singing sensation, the chameleon of colour, the king of queer and the daddy of your dreams. Flaunting the Riding Room with his flamboyant flare, you never know quite what to expect from this creative creature. A multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter and makeup artist, the incomparable Ziggi Battles is a performer you simply must go and see.


Violet Duff is the devilish diva with the voice to die for. Raising the roof with her powerhouse performances all the way around Europe & the UK, this award winning vaudevillian chanteuse will captivate your senses with her vintage vocals and bawdy blether.


The tattooed Barbie of Burlesque, Debay De lux, started her career as part of the infamous Club Noir troupe in 2010. She has since brought her unique mix of Showgirl glamour with an alternative edge to captivate audiences both locally and internationally. From dancing on stage with The Libertines to appearing in hollywood movies and leading music videos, Ms De Lux always rises to the occasion . High energy, glamour and sleaze, with a cheeky glint in her eye ensuring audiences are in for an unforgettable experience


Harking back to the golden age of glamour and hitting you with a repertoire of classic songs of love and lust, Alana will enchant you with retro renditions galore...


With a circus clown as a father and a mother with psychic abilities; Rosie has some fascinating and hysterically honest stories to share among her soulful and pure vocal tones. Originally born into the circus, Rosie has been performing her whole life while travelling across the globe. At the age of fifteen she began her vocal training in London where she had the opportunity to sing at The Royal Albert Hall at Her Majesty the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. This was where Rosie decided she could be a self-proclaimed Princess and has never looked back. It was her training at The London School of Musical Theatre which led to an extensive theatrical career and where she found her love for authentic storytelling. Rosie did a spot in a comedy night as a dare which sparked a passion for sharing her own life stories on stage and she took her first one-woman show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017. Her shows have been returning yearly ever since. Rosie now lives in Scotland and continues to travel globally sharing more unapologetically sassy stories while keeping the "etiquette" of a Princess.

'Stunning beauty, irrepressible panache and elegance!' ***** 'Hysterical audience interactions and stunning voice' **** 'A genuinely versatile talent' ****


Turn up the jukebox, get your jive shoes on and get ready to rock 'n' roll your way back to the golden age with Scotland’s no 1 sweetheart, Tootsie Annie. A popular and versatile performer, Tootsie Annie has been performing throughout the UK for several years, bringing to the stage her very own unique blend of neo burlesque and classic performance which keeps the audience enthralled and begging for more.